Always safe with the NotfallQR — any time, any place.

In an emergency, every second counts. So, vitabook created the NotfallQR.

he NotfallQR is a quick response code that enables first responders to access your vital information immediately in an emergency – around the clock and around the world. All they have to do is scan it. Instantly, they will see whether you have family members or pets to take care of. Because someone else will need to assume those duties, they will also be told whom to notify.

Everything you need to know about the NotfallQR

NotfallQR set

NotfallQR set

Your personal NotfallQR set consists of a key fob and a sticker for your car. The code is printed on the key fob, which you carry with you at all times. You attach the emergency sticker to the front windscreen (or somewhere visible on your motorcycle, skiing or bicycling helmet) to let first responders know about the NotfallQR on your key ring.
In an emergency, rescue workers or other responders scan the code, which is directly linked to your emergency centre. There, you have stored all the data rescuers need to be aware of: your most important health-related information and any special information such as allergies you have and medicines you take. That way, the emergency doctor can treat you immediately and correctly.
What’s more, first responders will find info on people or animals that depend on you, plus your emergency contacts. Your emergency centre also contains a saved copy of your vehicle’s rescue card. With the aid of the card, the fire brigade can extract you quickly and safely if you are in a serious accident.

NotfallQR set

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Be on the safe side with an emergency sticker for your car

Your personal emergency sticker goes on the front windscreen of your car. If you have an accident, it tells first responders and emergency doctors that they can obtain all your important information by scanning the NotfallQR code on your key fob.

How the NotfallQR works

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The NotfallQR set: your customised key fob and emergency sticker.


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